New Lync 2013 book from Daniel Jonathan Valik

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce the new book “Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications: From Telephony to Real Time Communication in the Digital Age” by Daniel Jonathan  Valik, published by Packt Publishing:

The author is a Sr. Program Manager – Unified Communications in the Global Business Operations & Strategic Services division at the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond / WA, USA.
For me it was an honor to be a reviewer of this book because I think that it is not only a classic technical handbook on Microsoft Lync and it can give the reader many tools to better understand the philosophy behind UC from many points of view.
In fact, the book starts with a general overview of how it changed the way to communicate over the years, what are our current communications needs and how we can satisfy them. Furthermore, through real-world examples you can learn all necessary steps needed and  how approach this technology in the best way.

Personally I learn a lot from this book and I want to thank Daniel and Packt Publishing for their excellent work.


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