UPDATE 1.1.5: Call Via Phone application for Lync 2010

Hi all, I developed an application  to grow the capabilities of the call via telephone in an environment that includes Lync and SNOM as ip-phone with the firmware Apollo or oldest. At this time only Lync IP-PHONE version with a “USB “Better Together” can make call via Lync 2010 Client. So with this application you can able to do also with all the SNOM UC Apollo firmware and also with the oldest SNOM OCS firmware. As most of you know the new Apollo firmware allows authentication by inserting Extension and PIN, or as an alternative, but more cumbersome, the use of username and password.

At this time it work only in Lync 2010 client , the extension of Lync 2013  is still in development.

Following all Windows version tested :

  • Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Windows 8 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit

Following is a brief guide:


Updated 32 bit version 1.1.5 download:  Call Via Phone app 32

Updated 64 bit version 1.1.5 download:  Call Via Phone app 64

Before install it , unistall the old version from Control Panel. This new version  solve an issue regarding “phone-context” string manged by the SNOM phone , thanks to Olivier Kiel for feedback about it.

Once installed go ahead with the setup.


Start Lync 2010 Client and go to Tools –> Configure Call Via Phone App

After that a Message Box appear , and after fill the field (information below is not real, provide you own configuration) click to save.

 After that, you are now ready to use the call via phone app.


On your buddy list , right click to a contact and click “Call Via phone”

Please give feedback and do not hesitate to contact me for any kind of information or problem.

if you want to donate to help and encourage the development you can follow this link :

Download Link :

Updated 32 bit version 1.1.5 download :  Call Via Phone app 32

Updated 64 bit version 1.1.5 download:  Call Via Phone app 64

NEWS *  : New Call Via Phone Advanced version  coming soon with this feature :

  • When you click on a contact you can choose which number call using the phone(Lync , Mobile, Work, Voice mail)