SNOM UC apollo with some limitations


About 2 months ago , snom deliver the new UC apollo edition  I had the possibility to try and it seems to work fine but with  the following requirement :

An edge server infrastructure up and running , this because if no edge is present, there’s no ringback to a Lync client, or to a Lync Phone edition, or to another SNOM UC apollo edition; another issue occur when try to add a snom phone to a Lync created conference call, it fail into “488 Not acceptable Here” .

All of this problems occur because the actual FW release snom want a MRAS server configured in enviroment  to generate the ringback issue.

All the other functionality work fine , for a complete list follow this link :

Solved : I’m sure that SNOM developing team are working to solve these limitations.


Let’s introduce this blog!


anybody could ask: “Why another blog about Unified Communications? Well it’s very easy…  Simply I desire to share my day by day experience facing challenging problems that come during my work.  Another main reason is because here in Italy, compared to other countries, the Lync and Co. market is slowly growing but, compared to other vendors, it is not yet stopped. So I think it could be good to have an instrument designed  to simplify all the various phases of our work on deploy, troubleshoot, etc.. By now, thank you in advance for all your comments (I hope that will have a lot of) and for all of you that would give me feedbacks and new inputs on this.

Of course, I thank all the well-established bloggers who have helped me a lot in my work every day.